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Brooks Brothers is an American tradition when it comes to classic casual and dressy attire. Officially available starting in 1818, Brooks Brothers men's traditional designs quickly became synonymous with business and power. A little known fact is that Ralph Lauren worked for Brooks Brothers early in his career as a fashion designer. I still remember my first Brooks Brothers blue blazer with the gold buttons as a young boy. Over the years, my mother outfitted me in many classics such as khaki pants, wool dress pants, short sleeve polo shirts, long sleeve dress shirts and even ties. What's interesting is that while during my teens and early 20's I had little interest in shopping at Brooks Brothers. However, now as an adult, I've come to appreciate how ageless and brilliant the designs and quality of their clothing. Men's dress shirts and ties continue to be top sellers for the brands which also includes a full line for womens and kids. Brooks Brothers charity of 2017 is the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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Brooks Brothers Women's Sleeveless Silk Dress $298
Brooks Brothers Women's Short Sleeve Dress $198
Brooks Brothers Women's Silk Floral Dress $398
Brooks Brothers Women's Tailored Fit Non-Iron Thin Stripe Dress Shirt $98.50
Brooks Brothers Women's Sleeveless Shadow Stripe Blouse $198
Brooks Brothers Women's Non-Iron Sleeveless Dress Shirt $89.50
Brooks Brothers Women's Wool and Silk Black Pencil Skirt $248
Brooks Brothers Women's Black Lucia Fit Straight Leg Trousers $298
Brooks Brothers Women's Wildflower Print Pajamas $98.50
Brooks Brothers Men's Slim Fit Polo Shirt $64.50
Brooks Brothers Men's Non-Iron Extra-Slim Fit Spread Collar Dress Shirt $92.00
Brooks Brothers Men's Madison Fit Brushed Saxxon Wool Blazer $798.00

Brooks Brothers Tips for tying a bow tie. Drape the bow tie over your neck; leave one side a little longer than the other. The longer side is side A. Now cross side A over side B. Now bring side A up through the back of side B. Only a few more steps left! Fold side B to the left resulting in a bow tie shape. Now, bring end A over the middle of side B. Fold end A and pass it through the loop behind side B. It's time to tighten your knot and lastly make sure both sides of the bow time are even/centered.